The First Rule of Home Design Is Exemplified by This Gallery Wall

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If there's one thing that your home should always possess, it's personality. And we're not only talking about the various textures, shapes, and colors that are so artfully captured in this space — we're also referring to individuality. What this gallery wall from photographer Laura Resen shows, which was shared by One Kings Lane, is that personality is, of course, personal. While mismatched prints and variegated hats against a white wall pinpoint the latest styles, and the striped runner atop a wooden dresser is classically chic, this display exemplifies the beauty of intertwining originality with trends. First, assemble accordingly: the photos, frames, and accessories should reflect your story. Then, use modern aesthetics and like-minded hues to give your curation an of-the-moment finish. When you're done, you'll hopefully have a look similar to the above — a coordinated collection that's comfortingly familiar.

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