If water helps plants grow, you might assume that the extra ingredients in Sprite might help a plant flourish. But despite soda's added nutrients, watering a plant with Sprite will not help it grow tall.

Plain water is important for a plant's healthy growth.

Positive Effects

Carbonated water contains macronutrients that plants need, such as sulfur, sodium, potassium and phosphorous. According to Lindsay Danzell and Jessica Greenberg of the University of Colorado, plants that were watered with carbonated water grew faster and developed a healthier shade of green.

Negative Effects

The sugar in soda will keep plants from absorbing the water and nutrients they need. According to botanist David Hershey, sugar lowers the water potential of the soil water by lowering the osmotic potential.

Growth Determination

Despite the positive effects of carbonated water, Sprite cannot make a plant grow tall. The plant's roots cannot absorb sugar and vital nutrients will not be absorbed. Adding sugar to a plant's water is redundant, because photosynthesis supplies all the sugar plants require, according to Hershey.