Will Plants Grow Better in Sprite Soda or Water?

Although there is some evidence that watering plants with soda can produce positive effects, Sprite™ soda may not be the best choice. There are ingredients in Sprite™ that may interfere with a plant's growth, or even kill it.

There are pros and cons to watering plants with Sprite

Water With Bubbles

There have been studies showing that plants watered with club soda, or carbonated water, do grow taller and have better color than plants watered with plain water. A study done in Boulder Colorado in 2002 by Lindsay Danzell and Jessica Greenberg showed that plants watered with club soda grew 170 percent of their original size over the course of 10 days. Carbonated water does provide the plant with more nutrients than regular water as it is higher in macronutrients like carbon, oxygen, phosphorus and sodium.

Negative Effects of Sugar

Many people think that adding sugar to water will help plants grow better. This is not true. Sugar starves a plant of water as it prevents osmosis through the roots of the plant. Plants are not properly evolved to absorb sugar. Instead, they create sugar through photosynthesis.


Sprite has citric acid listed as one of its ingredients. Depending on the plant, more or less acid is required in the soil to help the plant grow. Too much acid can poison a plant. Water is pH neutral, meaning it is neither acid nor alkaline.