Plants in Evergreen Forests

The evergreen forests of North America are rich with plants, flowers and trees such as the American Beech Tree. The woods are dense with pine trees and shrubs. Flowers bloom inside the forest and along streams and open patches of green fields, creating a serene environment.

The forest is a plant paradise.

Abies Bracteata

The Abies bracteata, also called the Santa Lucia fir, is a common tree in the evergreen forest. This plant grows slowly, but eventually reaches heights up to 70 feet tall. This tree is seen in thick regions of the forest and along mountain sides. The Santa Lucia fir produces thick, dark green leaves that fan outward.

Western Columbine

The western columbine is a flowering shrub found in the evergreen forests. Hummingbirds are attracted to this plant because the flowers are a rich source of nectar. Delicate yellowish and red tubular flowers blossom in the spring. The western columbine has thin green foliage and can grow up to 3 feet tall. These species are found in abundance along coastal mountain landscapes and in the Sierra Nevada.

American Beech Tree

The American Beech Tree can reach heights of up to 100 feet tall. The bark is smooth and pale and leaves are a deep forest green. The beech tree produces nutrient-dense nuts that are craved by forest animals such as squirrels, rabbits and foxes. The leaves grow closely together, creating a great deal of shade cover, only allowing minimal sunshine to reach the forest floor.

Emerald Carpet Manzanita

Emerald carpet manzanita is a large shrub that provides evergreen ground cover across the forest floor. This plant flourishes in Oregon forests. This forest plant also grows well in gardens with well-drained soils.