Roundup Pro is a herbicide used to kill many types of weeds. The active ingredient in Roundup Pro is Glyphosate, a common ingredient found in most herbicides and pesticides. The product is commonly used to kill and prevent the regrowth of weeds and plants in hard to reach areas such as along fence lines and between sidewalk cracks. Additionally, it can be applied to shrub beds to eliminate the need for hand-weeding and can also kill unwanted vines. Roundup Pro is available in concentrated form, which can be mixed with water to create a larger volume of the product.


Fill the container with the required amount of water, depending on the amount of solution that you would like to mix. Consult the label on the container of Roundup Pro you purchased. (For a chart of mixing directions, see Resources below.)

Add the required amount of Roundup Pro to the container, as indicated by the label directions. The directions allow for the mixing of solutions of as much as 10 percent Roundup Pro.

Mix the water and Roundup Pro solution thoroughly using the paint stirrer.

Pour the solution into your applicator, such as a sprayer. Continue to move the solution while in use to prevent the Roundup Pro from settling to the bottom of the container.