What Can I Do With My Used Trampoline?

Many kids dream of having a trampoline in their backyard. They can't wait to bounce for hours and show off their new toy to the neighborhood. However, like most other toys, your kids will get tired of playing on the trampoline eventually. So what do you do with a used trampoline? Before you haul it down to the local landfill, consider a few alternatives.

Sell It

Trampolines are a very popular backyard item. If yours is still in decent shape, you may want to post a classified ad and sell it. Get the most you can out of it by giving the trampoline a thorough cleaning before putting it up for sale. A used trampoline in good condition can sell for up to 50 percent of the original price. Make sure you're selling at the right time of year. You are likely to get a much better offer on it in June than you would in January.

Be Creative

Sometimes the sum of the parts is greater than the whole. Trampolines and their enclosures are made up of metal pipes, springs, padded bars, netting, nuts, bolts and a very flexible base. When taken apart, these components can prove very useful around the house.

If you haul things in a pickup truck, why not use the flexible base and springs as a cover for your pickup bed? This could secure items inside the truck. Just fold the trampoline base to the appropriate size, and stick the springs in the spots where you usually put bungee cords. Not only will this secure cargo, but can also protect items from water damage if it starts to rain.

Although the kids may no longer be interested in the trampoline, they may want a fort. The metal frame that supported the trampoline makes a great fort structure. Use wood, cardboard, old blankets or carpet for the sides and top. Let your kid's imagination go wild decorating the interior.

If you have bare support beams inside your garage, you may want to use the enclosure netting to create more storage area. Just staple or nail the netting onto the top of the beams for an instant floor. You can't store heavy items, but blankets, Christmas ornaments, foam pads or anything else light will be easily supported by the net.

Don't throw away those nuts and bolts. You are sure to have a need for them for some project down the road. They are easily stored and don't take up much room.