DIY: Hot Tub Enclosure

You can create your own hot tub enclosure whether you're an experienced carpenters who designs your own plans or a weekend DIY homeowner who would prefer a pre-built kit that is ready to install. Planning your hot tub enclosure requires decisions on size and shape and depends on your degree of experience. You may opt for screened windows and doors to allow a breeze into your enclosure or thermal treated windows for northern climates.

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You will need to decide if you want a totally enclosed area or a semi-enclosed area surrounding your hot tub. This decision is generally based on the climate where you live. Homeowners in the southern states usually have a mild winter and they choose semi-enclosures while northern homeowners normally choose a total enclosure so that they can use their hot tub comfortably throughout the winter months. A simple fully screened enclosure on a metal frame may be sufficient for the southern states.


Some websites such as Summerwood Products have a designing tool. This tool is useful to help you decide on all aspects of your hot tub enclosure. Some tools include drag and drop features to design your enclosure. You can see how the size and shape will fit around your hot tub or spa and decide the size and positioning of windows and doors. You can use an online design tool and then purchase materials to build your own enclosure to your liking. You should choose a long-lasting wood as cedar for your construction.


Several websites offer plans for hot tub enclosures for you to purchase. If you find the model and style that you like, you can buy pre-drawn plans that are to scale in sizes and styles that you prefer. Professionals generally draw the plans and implement them in a prototype so they can assure you of their accuracy. Ask the company that you choose to deal with if its plans have been used and confirmed before buying them.


Kits for hot tub enclosures are available in many styles. Some kits can ship to you with the windows pre-hung into the walls and only require lifting, securing the walls together and assembling the roof. You may choose several types, styles and sizes of windows and doors from screened to glass.


Many accessories are available for your hot tub enclosure. You may choose to add a small bar area with bar stools inside or benches inside and outside for seating. Wooden leveled foundations will make certain that you start with a stable floor so that your enclosure is plumb. Many types of roof lines are available with gables and other decorative features.

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