Husqvarna chain saws appeared on the scene back in 1959 from Sweden. The saws feature durable construction and reduced noise technology. Ranchers and loggers use the bigger saws for felling big trees, while regular consumers use saws such as the Husqvarna 55 to cut up trees for home firewood. The Husqvarna 55 combines power with lightweight construction, making it a good fit for home or work use.

Husqvarna chainsaws feature reliable performance and rugged endurance.


The Husqvarna 55 chainsaw comes with a magnesium crankcase, protecting it from rough usage and varying weather conditions. The smart start feature reduces resistance in the starter cord by up to 40 percent, making it easier to pull. An air injection feature helps remove dust before reaching the air filter. The ergonomic grip makes the saw easier to hold for long periods of time. The low vibration dampening system also eases fatigue while holding the handle. The adjustable oil pump makes it easier to set the chain lubrication according to specific cutting needs.

Engine Specifications

The idling speed of the Husqvarna 55 averages 2,700 rpm and the maximum power speed reaches 12,500 rpm. The engine holds 3/5 liter or 1.27 pints of gas and oil mix. The chain-oil pump allows you to adjust oil flow depending on weather and working conditions, and it holds .3 liter or .63 pints of bar chain oil. Husqvarna recommends a Champion RCJ7Y spark plug for the saw. Gaps for the spark plug should be .5 mm or .02 inch.

Cutting Specifications

The Husqvarna 55 features a 3/8-inch pitch. Bar lengths of 15-20 inches work with the saw. An inertia chain brake feature protects the operator against kickback. Kickback occurs when the tip of the saw pinches or bounces off a piece of wood. The action causes the saw to suddenly draw back toward the operator.


A standard Husqvarna 55 weighs 11.4 lbs and 13.7 lbs with the bar and chain attached. The relative lightweight construction makes these saws easier to use for longer projects.