How to Adjust Height on a Sunsetter Awning

If you have a deck or patio close to the exterior wall of your house where you get a lot of sun, you can add a Sunsetter awning to give you the shade that you need. A Sunsetter awning can be installed by the authorized dealer or you install it yourself. After a Sunsetter awning is put in place, you may need to adjust the height and the pitch from time to time depending on the sun's location to protect yourself and your family from the sun.

Step 1

Open your awning fully. Find out if the sun's glare and heat can still pass through. The awning should be able to provide you with a cool shade to make your patio enjoyable. If it doesn't do that, you would need to make some adjustments.

Step 2

Unplug the power cord from the outlet if you have a motorized model.

Step 3

Expose the Allen screws. Take the weight off the arm by instructing your helper to slightly lift the front bar. Then, remove the three Allen cap bolts on the side of the arm clamp by using a 6mm Allen wrench.

Step 4

Adjust the height of the Sunsetter awning. Instruct your helper to lift the awning's arm to the preferred height. Then, rotate the set of Allen screws you have just exposed in Step 3. Ask your helper to release the front bar, check if the desired height has been reached and tighten the screws. If you feel that you may have gone too high, turn the screws counter-clockwise; if it is too low, turn the screws clockwise.

Step 5

Do another visual inspection. Once satisfied, secure the set of screws closest to the square bar all the way on both arms. Ensure that the front bar is level. Then, tighten the Allen cap bolts on both arm clamps.

Step 6

Plug-in the power cord back into the outlet.

Step 7

Test the Sunsetter awning to see if it operates smoothly. Make the necessary adjustments as needed.

Step 8

Plug-in the power cord back into the outlet then try the Sunsetter awning and check if there are no problems during operation. Make the necessary adjustments as needed.