How to Install the PTO on an LT1042

The LT1042 is a riding lawn mower manufactured by Cub Cadet. The power takeoff (PTO) clutch engages the cutting deck and blades on the mower when activated. The PTO clutch is attached to the bottom of the crankshaft. If the PTO is engaged but the blades do not turn, it means the clutch is out and needs to be replaced. It will take around two hours to replace the Cub Cadet PTO clutch.

Step 1

Open the Cub Cadet's engine cover and remove the spark plug wire.

Step 2

Lower the mower deck to its lowest setting.

Step 3

Slide the belt off the idler pulleys on top of the mower deck. Remove the spring-loaded support pins on both sides of the mower deck and slide the deck forward.

Step 4

Slide a floor jack underneath the front of the Cub Cadet and jack it up so that you can access the bottom of the engine.

Step 5

Remove the bolt holding the PTO clutch in place, using a ratchet set with a breaker bar for added leverage.

Step 6

Unplug the plastic wiring harness attached to the old PTO clutch and lower the old clutch away from the mower. Hold the new one in place and insert the mounting bolt.

Step 7

Tighten the mounting bolt with the ratchet set and breaker bar. Plug the new PTO clutch into the plastic wiring harness.

Step 8

Lower the Cub Cadet down from the jack.

Step 9

Pull the mower deck back into place and then slide the support pins back into place. Replace the mower deck belt and the spark plug boot.

Step 10

Start the Cub Cadet and test out the new PTO clutch. The blades should engage and cut when the deck is lowered.