Hustler Mower Blade Removal

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One of the best ways to keep a large garden or yard under control is by using a riding lawn mower. The mowers allow you to cover more ground and do more work than a conventional mower. Hustler mowers include a number of different models for both residential and commercial use. One of the most important parts of keeping your Hustler mower working properly is by maintaining the blade. This includes removing the blade, as needed, for sharpening.


Hustler Mowers

Hustler mowers are powered by engines from a number of different manufacturers, including Honda, Briggs & Stratton and Kawasaki. Blade sizes can range anywhere from 42 inches up to 58 inches or more, depending on the model. Many of the mowers feature a "zero degree turning radius" that allows the mower to be rotated around 360 degrees for maneuvering in tight spots.


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Blade Operation

Depending on the Hustler model, the blade underneath is turned directly by the engine or by a belt hooked up to a pulley on the blade. The outer edge of the blade is sharpened to provide it with extra cutting power. As the blade turns, it cuts down grass and other vegetation that passes beneath the mower. If the blade encounters woody vegetation, or gets hit by a rock or other debris, it can become damaged.


Preparing for Blade Removal

Before removing the blade, it's important that the Hustler mower is shut down properly so you can work on it safely. Drive the Hustler mower to a flat and level location where you will have room to work. Move the deck clutch switch to the disengaged position. Shift the steering levers so that they are set to "Brake." Turn off the engine and remove the key from the ignition. Disconnect the negative (black) battery cable with a wrench.


Removing the Hustler Blade

Donning strong gloves will protect your hands from the sharp blade edges. Placing a block of wood between the Hustler blade and the edge of the blade deck will keep the blade in place while you're working. Attach a 5/8-inch socket to a socket wrench and unscrew the blade cap at the center of the Hustler blade assembly. Grasp the blade firmly and pull off the hub.



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