How to Jack Up Zero Turn Lawn Mowers

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Zero-turn lawn mowers are larger mowers and have cutting decks in the front of the machine. The term "zero-turn" comes from the fact it can turn in a complete circle without any radius. It can perform a zero-turn radius because the drive wheels run on independent systems, two separate hydro-pumps and two separate motors. Jacking the mower off the ground to either service the mower or change the blades can be easily and in five minutes.


Step 1

Park the zero-turn lawn mower on a hard, level surface and set the parking brake. Turn the ignition key to the "off" position.

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Step 2

Raise the mower deck to the highest position by pulling all the way back on the mower deck lift lever. Slide the jack under the front of the mower deck directly in the middle.


Step 3

Raise the jack until the front of the machine is approximately 2 feet off the ground. Slide the jack stands under each side of the mower deck and lower the jack until the machine is resting on the jack stands.



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