How to Locate a Serial Number on a LG Washer

Keeping track of important information like purchase dates and serial numbers is crucial if you ever need to request warranty service on electronics and appliances. In some cases, it can be a little tricky to locate model and serial numbers on many of these devices. In order to locate the model and serial numbers LG washing machines, you must find the rating plate on the machine. Follow a few easy steps to locate this important information.

Step 1

Open the front door on front-loading washers. Look at the upper part of the door frame just above the opening.

Step 2

Look at the right side of the washing machine near the front, upper corner on top-loading washers.

Step 3

Identify the location of the metallic rating plate attached to the frame.

Step 4

Find the serial number by identifying the number that follows the "S/N" printed on the plate.

Step 5

Find the model number by locating the number that follows the word "MODEL" printed on the plate.

Step 6

Record these numbers in a notepad along with the purchase date for future reference.