How to Disassemble a La-Z-Boy Recliner

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The well-known La-Z-Boy brand is famous for its comfortable recliners. Whether you're moving the recliner, repairing it, or recovering a missing remote or cellphone from the interior of the chair, being able to disassemble a La-Z-Boy recliner is a handy bit of knowledge. The recliners were designed to be easily assembled, and the disassembly is nearly as easy for the average homeowner.


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Before You Begin

Pull out the manual (if you still have it) and review the assembly instructions. Newer models have levers that make it easier to disassemble the recliner. Make sure you have room to work, a flat-bladed screwdriver with a long handle, an adjustable wrench, and a flashlight. Whether you're disassembling or troubleshooting, put the recliner in the upright position and unplug powered models.


Remove the Recliner Back

The first step is to remove the recliner back. Pull the recliner away from the wall and examine the back where it meets the body of the recliner to determine if the recliner has levers or screws that hold the back in place. You may need the flashlight to see the levers inside the recliner.


  1. Tip the recliner forward so the arms are resting on the floor.
  2. Pull open the fastening tape on the lower back.
  3. Unloop the elastic band from the lower part of the frame.
  4. Feel for release levers in the gap between the back and frame of the recliner.
  5. Pull up on both levers to release the back. If you can't get your fingers in the space, use the screwdriver to pry up the levers.
  6. Tip the recliner so it is upright.
  7. Disconnect all power wires before removing the back.
  8. Lift up the back while rocking it side to side to free it from the recliner.


Older models may have screws instead of levers. Put the screws into a bowl or reclosable bag so you'll have them when you reassemble the recliner. To release the back:

  1. Locate the brackets and screws in the gap between the back and the body of the recliner.
  2. Unscrew the screws and set them aside.
  3. Lift the back off the recliner.


Detach the Arms

To detach and remove the arms, look for the metal brackets between the arms and the seat near the front of the recliner. There may be levers or screws depending on the age of the recliner.

  1. Pull up on the levers to release the arms. Use the screwdriver to pry up the levers if necessary.
  2. Unscrew the screws on the brackets that hold the arms on the recliner.
  3. Pull the brackets away from the arms to free them.
  4. Lift the arms away from the chair.


If the arms don't release from the base, turn the recliner on its back and look for an additional set of screws attaching the arms to the recliner frame. Unscrew and remove the arms from the recliner.

Take Off the Seat

In some cases, you may have to remove the seat for moving, repairs, or reupholstering. You'll need an extension for your screwdriver or a power drill with screwdriver bits to reach into the interior of the recliner. Extend the footrest and tip the recliner on its back. Then:


  1. Locate the eight screws on the bracket that holds the seat frame to the recliner frame.
  2. Trace the location of the reclining footrest bracket on the front of the seat frame with a pencil or marker.
  3. Remove the screws holding the footrest bracket to the seat frame.
  4. Close the footrest.
  5. Double-check for a pin on older models, which holds the front of the seat in the recliner frame. Unscrew it and then pull or push the pin through the frame to release it.
  6. Pull the seat up and away from the recliner frame.


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