How to Fix a Misaligned Andersen Casement Window

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Over time the window and door frames in your home may come out of adjustment. This is due to settling of the house foundation. When this happens, it can cause your Andersen casement windows to come out of alignment and not close properly. Fixing a misaligned Andersen casement window requires making small adjustments to the hinge channel of the window. The hinge channel sits across the bottom of the windowsill. The window crank mounts to the channel, and the bottom edge of the sash attaches to the channel. Realigning an Andersen casement window requires disconnecting the operator and hinge arms from the window.


Step 1

Open your Andersen casement window completely with the hand crank. Look where the crank operator arm connects to the stud on the sash bracket. The sash bracket is on the lower edge of the window sash.

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Step 2

Pull the sliding lock sleeve on the operator arm away from the window sash with your finger. The sleeve is near the end where the arm connects to the pin on the sash bracket. Lift the arm off of the sash bracket pin and release the lock sleeve.


Step 3

Turn the operator arm away from the window sash. The operator arm pivots once you disconnect it from the sash. Locate where the hinge arm connects to the hinge channel stud. The hinge arm is the non-pivoting arm that connects to the hinge bracket and the hinge channel. The hinge channel is the metal base at the bottom of the windowsill that also serves as a base for the window crank.

Step 4

Lift the hinge arm from the stud of the hinge channel. Place a wrench around the hex nut at the base of the hinge channel stud. Rotate the stud 1/8-turn toward the lock side of the window to raise the sash. If you need to lower the sash, rotate the stud 1/8-turn toward the hinge side of the window frame.


Step 5

Push the hinge arm over the hinge channel stud. Reconnect the operator arm to the window sash bracket. Operate your Andersen casement window with the hand crank. Continue making adjustments, as necessary, until the casement window closes securely.



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