How to Vent a Portable Air-Conditioner on a Crank Window

A crank window is also commonly known as a casement window. This type of window cranks open and is hinged on one side. Portable air-conditioners are used to cool down a particular room in the house. They are on wheels and can move from room to room. These air-conditioners vent through hoses and out windows to the outside of the house. Venting a portable air-conditioner through a casement window is similar to venting it through any other type of window. A window installation kit provides nearly all of the supplies.


Step 1

Measure the size of the plexiglass that comes with the window installation kit. Line up the holes on the plexiglass at the bottom of the casement window and mark on the top where it needs to be cut to fit vertically. Score the plexiglass with a utility knife and snap it so it fits inside the casement window.

Step 2

Crank open the window enough so the plexiglass can fit vertically with the vent holes at the bottom. Attach it to the window with wood screws. Drill them through the jamb to attach the plexiglass to the window.

Step 3

Set up the air-conditioner so it is 5 feet from the window and verify that it is close enough to an electrical outlet for the plug to reach. Connect the provided electrical hose to the back of the air-conditioner and tighten it down with hose clamps. Repeat the process for the hose on the other side of the air-conditioner.

Step 4

Snap the two hoses into the window adapter and attach the window adapter to the plexiglass part of the window installation kit. Plug in the cord and turn on the air-conditioner. Raise it up to the highest speed and move to the outside of the house to see how it is venting.

Step 5

Put your hand up to the vent to make sure it is working properly and air is circulating out. Go back inside and verify that the casement window is sealed properly up to the window installation kit. Check for gaps in the vents and hoses.

Alexander Callos

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