How to Install Blinds on a Door

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When you need to add a little privacy to a door with a window in it, miniblinds are a good choice. You will find installing the blinds on the door much the same as doing so in a window, but there are a few extra considerations to keep in mind with a door. One is that you will need to perform an exterior mount. Your blinds will likely include interior-mount directions, but doors aren't wide enough to accommodate an interior mount.


You will also want to pay attention to where the controls on the blinds will fall. It's best to use cordless blinds on a door so that you never have to fight with the string when opening and closing the door. You'll also want the wand for opening and closing the blind slats to hang opposite the doorknob and lock so it's not in the way. Finally, although not necessary on windows, you'll want to install hold-down brackets so the blinds don't swing wildly every time the door opens or closes.

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How to Install Blinds on a Door

Step 1: Mount the Brackets

If you're not the world's best at using a tape measure, you can make sure your brackets are properly mounted by using the blinds as a template. By positioning the blinds and brackets exactly where you want them, you can take all the stress out of trying to get the measurements just right. You can do this alone, but having a helper hold the blinds for you while you align them makes the process easier.


  1. Pop the top rail of your blinds into the mounting brackets.

  2. Hold the blinds and mounting brackets against the door, positioning them where you want them to be. Make sure that the blinds are centered over the window and sit level.

  3. Mark the position of your brackets with a pencil and then take the blinds away from the door. Remove the headrail from the brackets.

  4. Hold the brackets against the door in the position you marked and mark the screw holes.

  5. Drill pilot holes at your screw marks if drilling into wood. Then, proceed to mount the brackets to the door. Most miniblinds come with wood screws. You will need to acquire metal screws if mounting your blinds on a metal door.


Step 2: Hang the Blinds

With your brackets in place, you're ready to hang the blinds.

  1. Slide or snap the blinds in place between the mounting brackets.

  2. Install any decorative covers or valance pieces if included with your blinds. Some blinds include an extra slat that slides over the headrail for a more finished look. Others may have decorative pieces that hang over the brackets to conceal them.

  3. Open and close your blinds several times to make sure they move freely without any twists or binds.

  4. Install the control wand that will adjust the position of the blind slats.


Step 3: Install the Hold-Down Brackets

Without hold-down brackets, your miniblinds will slam against the door every time it opens or closes. Hold-down brackets prevent this by keeping the blinds tucked snugly against the door.

  1. Pull down your miniblinds to the desired position so that they cover the window.

  2. Place the hold-down brackets on the blinds. You'll find a hole for the brackets on each end of the bottom rod of your blinds.

  3. Hold the bottom of the blinds against the door, positioning your hold-down brackets where you want them. Measure to make sure the bottom of the blinds is centered and level. It's easy to accidentally pull the blinds crooked during this step.

  4. Screw the brackets in place on the door. Again, remember to drill pilot holes if you're drilling into wood.




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