How to Reset the Remote for Sunsetter Motorized Awnings

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Sunsetter awnings are motorized units that extend over windows or porches to provide extra shade on sunny days. The awnings are operated with buttons on the motor control or by a remote control. The remote control works without problems under most conditions, but on occasion it may lose its connection with the motor control unit. If the remote control stops working with the awning, it needs to be reset. The reset process appears convoluted, but when followed closely it will reconnect the remote control with the motor control unit.


Step 1

Push the middle button on the remote control and unplug the awning's power cord from the electrical outlet.

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Step 2

Place the manual operation control bar in the manual motor crank and turn it so the awning opens about 3 feet. Do not fully open the awning.


Step 3

Reinsert the awning's power cord into an electrical outlet and let it sit for one minute. Do not press any buttons on the remote control or the motor unit.

Step 4

Remove the power cord from the electrical outlet for approximately two seconds, plug it back in for approximately 10 seconds, unplug the power cord again for approximately two seconds and plug it back into the electrical outlet. The awning may open or close a little when the cord is plugged into the outlet the final time.


Step 5

Flip the remote control over so the back is facing up, giving you access to the "Programming" button.

Step 6

Insert a paper clip into the hole on the back of the remote control to press and hold the "Programming" button. The button should be held in until the awning moves back and forth. The movements are very short.


Step 7

Turn the remote control over again, press and hold the "Open" and "Close" buttons on the remote until the awning moves back and forth in short movements.

Step 8

Press and hold the "Programming" button on the back of the remote a second time until the awning moves back and forth in short movements. The remote control is now reset and ready for normal use.

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