The Purpose of a Pergola

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A pergola can create a focal point in a garden.

A pergola is an open-sided structure usually made with wooden pillars and framework topped with lattice. With climbing vines or plants, it makes a nice focal point in a garden.


Extra Living Space

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A pergola can be an extension of your indoor living area. It can take you outside to enjoy an airy and open space.

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An uncovered patio can become quite hot in the summer months. With a well-designed pergola, you can reduce the amount of sun and enjoy the outdoors.

Garden Design

A pergola can make a nice feature in your garden. With climbing plants and vines, pergolas can provide shelter and create an area of interest in a garden sitting area or pathway.


If privacy is an issue, a pergola that is strategically placed in your backyard can give you more privacy from neighbors or passersby.


Home Value

According to Lydia Player of Virginia Cook Realtors, having a pergola may help your home sell faster by making it more attractive to perspective buyers.



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