How to Landscape Around a Mobile Home Yard

Just because you have limited space around your mobile home doesn't mean you're stuck with a lack of curb appeal. In addition to providing color to your home, landscaping offers privacy and can even help your yard appear more spacious. Flowers, shrubs and trees can create an inviting ambiance for guests while providing function such as offering privacy for the home, covering up utilities or screening around the foundation of the mobile home.

Landscape around your mobile home.

Step 1

Check the rules and regulations of the mobile home park before you begin landscaping. To change the appearance of the yard, you'll need approval from the park manager.

Step 2

Dress up the entryway of the mobile home by adding potted flowers to the porch or alongside steps to add color. Potted plants are convenient to use because they allow you to move them as necessary for maintenance or growing needs. Ideal flowers to use around the entryway include lavender, azaleas, daisies or chrysanthemum.

Step 3

Cover the foundation of the mobile home with shrubs or boxwood hedges. Plant the hedges at least 5 feet away from the foundation to allow for access to the crawlspace for maintenance. Trim hedges once they reach 4 feet in height to keep them proportional to the height of the mobile home.

Step 4

Plant ornamental trees around the property line to create a sense of privacy for the home. Crabapple, dogwood or cherry trees enhance the color and fragrance to the yard by way of flowers.

Step 5

Pick out flowers, ground cover and shrubs to place along a driveway or walkway that vary in height. Plant red creeping thyme, October Daphne or ice plant closest to the walkway or driveway, and then plant ornamental fountain grass or shrubs such as lilac or hydrangea directly behind. Vary heights in the landscape to keep the overall effect appealing.