The Size of a Double-Wide

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A double-wide is a mobile home that is constructed of two sections.
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The term "double-wide" refers to a mobile home that is constructed of two sections, each the width of a single-wide mobile home. A double-wide home offers greater variety and flexibility in floor plans and enhanced living space.


Perimeter Measurements

Double-wide measurements vary among manufacturers.
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Double-wide mobile home measurements vary among manufacturers, but the most common widths are 20, 24, 28 and 32 feet. Length measurements generally fall in the range of 42 to 60 feet.


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Interior Size

The size of the interior living area is a function of the outer dimensions.
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The size of the interior living area is a function of the outer dimensions. A home that is 20 feet wide and 42 feet long has an 840-square-foot interior, while one that is 32 feet wide and 60 feet long provides 1,920 square feet.



A basic double-wide home has two sections of equal length and width that are bolted together.
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A basic double-wide home consists of two sections of equal width and length that are bolted together to create a larger, rectangular space. However, sometimes one section may be shorter or contain a push-out, such as a breakfast nook that slides out or is attached at the home site.



A double-wide may include two to three bedrooms.
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A double-wide may include an up-to-date kitchen and two or three bedrooms with one or two bathrooms. Pitched ceilings, skylights and fireplaces are common, as are French doors and bamboo floors.



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