What Homemade Remedy Will Make My Laminate Floor Shine?

Laminate flooring gives the look of real wood without the upkeep typically needed for a wood floor. The laminate coating provides a high-gloss and protective coating to the floors. Most laminates don't require waxing, and you can keep them clean with homemade solutions. Proper cleaning keeps the floors shiny without damaging the coating.

Cleaning Preparation

Prevent scratches and damage to the laminate coating on the floor by sweeping up all grit prior to cleaning the floor with liquid. Laminate doesn't easily scratch, but once scratches develop, the floor attains a dingy look and becomes more difficult to clean as soil becomes stuck in the scratches. Remove rugs prior to sweeping and move furniture as necessary. Use a soft-bristled broom or dust mop. Sweep the entire floor, especially in the corners and along baseboards where debris collects.

Mild Cleaning

Regular mopping with water removes most soil. Mop low-traffic areas weekly and higher-traffic locations every two to three days so the soil doesn't build up on the floors. A solution of warm tap water and a mop is all that's needed for mild cleaning. Use the water sparingly on a barely moist mop. Standing water can leave watermarks on the laminate or seep into the laminate coating and warp or ruin the flooring. Damp mopping only removes light surface grime.

Complete Cleaning

Laminate flooring requires more in-depth cleaning once weekly. A stronger homemade cleaner dissolves thicker soil layers without damaging the floor. Combine ½ cup white vinegar with 1 gallon of warm water for a homemade, deep-cleaning solution. The mildly acidic nature of the vinegar cuts through grime and stains without damaging the laminate coating. Vinegar brings out the luster in the laminate without the use of waxes or harsh chemicals. The odor of the vinegar quickly dissipates after the floor dries.

Cleaning Method

Pour both plain water and vinegar solutions into a spray bottle prior to cleaning. Spray the floor with a fine mist of the cleaner and mop with a dry a mop. Spray only the section of floor you are currently cleaning so the moisture doesn't sit on the floor and damage the laminate. For heavy soil, spray the vinegar solution lightly onto the soiled area and allow it to soak for up to five minutes to break down the dirt before mopping. Dry the floor with a soft, clean towel prior to replacing rugs and furniture.