How to Recycle Bubble Mailers

Bubble mailers are an interesting mix of paper and plastic, which can make it difficult to recycle them. While they're useful for mail that needs light protection, you have to pull the pieces apart before you get rid of them so they don't end up in the wastebasket at a recycling facility. If you have a bubble mailer or ten that you need to get rid of, recycle them to reduce your impact on the earth. Taking the time to recycle them can have a positive effect on the world -- and that's not bad for the time it takes to throw something away right.

Dispose of bubble mailers the right way to avoid waste.

Step 1

Check to make sure you can't reuse the bubble mailer before you throw it away. Bubble mailers cost good money and, if you open the flap at the top carefully, you can easily reseal the mailer, put a new label over the old, and send the bubble mailer out again.

Step 2

Open the bubble mailer.Cut down both long sides and both short sides to split the envelope in two, giving you access to the internal plastic part of the bubble mailer.

Step 3

Slide the scissors between the plastic and paper at the corner of the mailer. Cut along the edge to remove the plastic from the paper. With most bubble mailers, you'll be able to pull on the plastic once you get it started and remove it by just tearing it away.

Step 4

Place the plastic bubble part with plastic recyclables and the outer paper part with the paper recyclables. If you don't have curbside recycling, find a recycling drop off location near you and place the paper and plastic in the appropriate receptacles. Most cities have recycling bins available at their waste management headquarters, but some grocery stores also have large recycling bins in the parking lot for convenience.

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