How to Thread a Brother LS2125 Sewing Machine

Before you can get started using your new Brother LS2125, you need to learn how to thread the machine. While the steps of threading a sewing machine vary slightly from one to the next, most machines use a basic threading pattern. The Brother LS2125 is no exception to this, and its thread pattern possible to master even if you are inexperienced when it comes to sewing machines. If this is the first time you've ever threaded a sewing machine, consider using a brightly colored thread so you can easily see it.

Speed up your sewing projects by learning to thread your sewing machine.

Bobbin Threading

Step 1

Place a spool on the spool pin located on the top of your Brother sewing machine. The spool pin is a metal rod that sticks up from the top of the machine and will hold the spool securely in place.

Step 2

Push a bobbin onto the bobbin winding shaft. You will need to push firmly, as the bobbin will fit tightly onto the winding shaft.

Step 3

Move the winding shaft to the right.

Step 4

Grasp the end of the thread on the spool and wrap it once around the bobbin winding tension disc. This disc is located on the top of the sewing machine and looks like a round watch battery.

Step 5

Guide the end of the thread through the hole in the bobbin from the inside of the bobbin. The thread will be sticking out of the top of the bobbin.

Step 6

Hold the end of the thread firmly above the bobbin and press down on the foot control of your Brother sewing machine. The bobbin will begin to wind.

Step 7

Snip the thread a few inches away from the bobbin when it is full and the machine stops.

Step 8

Push the bobbin winding shaft to the left and remove the bobbin by pulling it up and off of the shaft.

Step 9

Raise the needle of the sewing machine by turning the balance wheel on the back of the machine counter-clockwise.

Step 10

Remove the extension table from your sewing machine. This piece is located in front of the needle, and you can remove it by pulling it to the left.

Step 11

Open the shuttle cover located behind the extension table and just under the needle. This reveals the bobbin case.

Step 12

Pull the bobbin case toward you to remove it from the sewing machine.

Step 13

Place the bobbin inside the bobbin case, and leave approximately 4 inches of thread hanging out of the case.

Step 14

Pick up the end of the bobbin thread and pull the thread firmly into the slot on the side of the bobbin case.

Step 15

Push the bobbin case back into your Brother sewing machine. If the bobbin case is inserted incorrectly, it will fall out, so if it stays in place, you inserted it correctly.

Step 16

Close the shuttle cover and push the extension table back onto your machine.

Needle Threading

Step 1

Place a spool of thread onto the spool pin.

Step 2

Guide the end of the thread around the thread guide located right behind the bobbin winding tension disc on top of the sewing machine.

Step 3

Bring the thread forward from the thread guide into the slot that starts on the top of the machine and extends down the front of the machine.

Step 4

Guide the thread underneath the upper tension control dial, located on the front of the machine, just to the left of the slot described in Step 3.

Step 5

Bring the thread back up and hook it around the take up lever, a hook located near the top of the machine directly above the needle. The take up lever moves up and down with the needle while you sew.

Step 6

Guide the thread back down and push it behind the thread guide, which is located just above the needle. The thread guide is a metal loop.

Step 7

Push the end of the thread through the needle from the front to the back.