How to Remove Spirits From Your House

Paranormal activity in your home may range from disquieting to downright dangerous. Even if the spirits mean no harm, you may be keen to get them out of your house. Methods exist for cleansing your home of this activity, but you must exercise caution. Doing this alone is a risky procedure. You should always consult a local exorcist or a trusted clergy member before attempting to cleanse your home.

Banish spirits from your home with force of will and a few simple tools.

Step 1

Write out a prayer or chant for cleansing your home. This may include firm (but not rude) commands to leave in the name of Christ or your personal god or goddess. It may also include reasons for wanting the spirits to leave and what they should take with them, such as, "In the name of God, let all spirits and negativity leave this house in peace." Keep the chant concise and simple.

Step 2

Fill a small glass bottle with holy water. You can get holy water from a Catholic church or have water blessed by clergy from your religion. Place your thumb over the top of the bottle so only a little comes out at a time.

Step 3

Walk slowly around your house, starting in the back and moving toward the front door. Sprinkle holy water around doorways, windows, closet doors and other openings as you go. Repeat your chant as you walk in an authoritative, firm voice.

Step 4

Repeat the chant with sea salt. The salt crystals contain pure energy that will banish negative spirits and encourage others to leave. Sprinkle a little across each door, on window sills and in the corners of rooms.

Step 5

Repeat your chant with a smudge stick. The sage smoke is cleansing and will drive out anything trying to linger. Wave the smoke as you sprinkled the water around all openings in your home.

Step 6

Light a black candle in each room. Black banishes negative presences. Say your chant as you light each candle. Let them burn about halfway, and then light a white candle next to each black candle. White is purifying.

Step 7

Light a small stick of sandalwood, frankincense or myrrh incense in each room. Let the incense and white candles burn down together to finalize the purification of your home.

Megan Shoop

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