How to Recycle Encyclopedias

With the green movement in full stride, there's a large emphasis on recycling just about everything. Encyclopedias, with their large number of pages and weight, can take up a lot of space. Thanks to websites such as Wikipedia or online versions of the Encyclopedia Britannica, they can also be obsolete and ready to be recycled. By taking the right steps, you can recycle your encyclopedias easily.

Step 1

Check first with your local library or school district to see if you can donate your encyclopedias. They may find them useful for teaching purposes.

Step 2

Call your local recycling plant. They may have a specific set of rules for how to dispose of your encyclopedias and may even be able to pick them up from you.

Step 3

Try giving them away online. Sites such as and Craigslist will allow you to post items for free. You may find someone eager to acquire your encyclopedias.

Step 4

You can also use your old encyclopedias as a craft project. Take the photos inside and use them for scrapbooking purposes. Use the old pages as gift wrap for small packages, or for an art project.