My Bissell Carpet Cleaner Lines Are Clogged

Bissell carpet cleaners are designed to clean the carpet while pulling the dirty water back into the machine. While the Bissell carpet cleaner line comes with various options and sizes, all modern Bissell carpet cleaners separate the clean water from the dirty water. If your carpet cleaner is clogged, you'll need to determine which line to implement the repair. Still, your carpet cleaner always benefits from a cleaning, so you can take this opportunity to clear the lines and clean the machine to improve your overall carpet cleaning results.

Spray Lines

The Bissell carpet cleaner's spray lines are responsible for passing the cleaning solution through the machine and onto the floor surface. The Bissell carpet cleaner solution is a specially designed liquid soap. When left in the carpet cleaner during storage, the solution can harden and clog the spray lines. To clear the spray lines, fill the solution tank and water tank with hot water. Run the carpet cleaner on high traffic for several minutes. This removes the excess fluid from the lines and promotes even distribution of solution when you use the machine again.

Clogged Lines

Cleaning the spray lines with hot water also flushes the remaining lines in the Bissell cleaner. If the cleaning is unsuccessful during the first attempt, simply refresh the tanks with hot water and try again. It is important to keep all parts and brushes free of carpet, hair and debris to reduce the potential for clogged lines.


The Bissell carpet cleaner has several rotating brushes at the bottom. These rotating brushes scrub the carpet during cleaning to help remove underlying dirt from the carpet. These brushes can be quickly filled with debris. A severely clogged brush can push debris and dirt into the lines, resulting in clogs and lack of suction. To clear the brush, gently pull the tangle debris from the brush. Carefully cut the debris from the brush, if necessary. If you find it impossible to clean the brush, replace it with a new Bissell brush. Bissell offers accessories and replacement parts on their company website, as well as within certain local retail chains that sell the Bissell product line.


Bissell recommends flushing the carpet cleaner after each use and before storing the machine. To flush the system, fill the water tank with hot water and set the custom clean knob to the water rinse setting. Make several passes with the machine to simulate the carpet cleaning motion. This forces the water to flow through the machine. Hold the solution button while making the pass. Set the machine to the tools setting and remove the hand-cleaning hose from its base. Use the hose to suction clean, hot water from a container. This flushes the hose and removes any debris and settled solution. Stretch the hose, before replacing it, to ensure that all water has passed through the line.