Hoover Floormate hard-floor cleaners with Spinscub brushes are designed to offer powerful cleaning of hard-floor surfaces, including vinyl, linoleum, tile and wood. Floormate cleaners will vacuum, wash and dry at the same time. They are lightweight, easy to operate and designed for years of service. If you have a problem with a Floormate, try these troubleshooting tips to fix it before you spend time and money on repairs.

Cleaner Won't Run

If the cleaner won't turn on, ensure that the power plug is firmly in place in the socket. Check the power to the wall socket. Reset the circuit breaker or replace the fuse for that circuit, if necessary.

Low or No Suction

Low or no suction can be caused by the automatic shut-off having been activated. Turn the cleaner off and then on again or empty the recovery tank, if it is full. Also, check to see if the filter or filter lid is missing or incorrectly installed and replace or clean and re-install the filter and lid properly. Ensure that both the recovery tank and the solution tank are locked in place, and check the nozzle for proper position and re-position it, if necessary.

Water Pooling Behind Cleaner

Water pooling is usually caused by the wrong cleaning agent being used in the machine. A low-foam cleaning agent should be used in the solution tank. Also, check that the solution tank is properly installed and adjust the tank, if required. If the tank is full, empty it.

Cleaner Will Not Pick Up Dirty Solution

The Floormate cleaner should be set to the "Wet" cleaning position, Check that the recovery tank is properly installed and adjust the tank. Empty the tank, if needed. Examine the filter or filter lid to see if it is missing or correctly installed and replace or clean and re-install both the filter and lid.

Cleaner Pushes Dry Dirt in Front of It

Make sure the cleaner is set to dry operation by placing the operation switch in the "Dry pickup" position. Check that the dirt is not too large to be easily picked up.

Cleaning Solution Won't Dispense

If the cleaning solution fails to dispense properly, check that the solution tank is properly installed and position and adjust the tank, if necessary. Check if the tank is empty and refill it.

Spinscrub Brushes Don't Rotate

If the brushes do not operate properly, ensure that the cleaner is set to the "Wet Scrub" position. Check the circuit breaker in the cleaner to see if it has tripped. You can reset the breaker by pushing the "On/Off" switch completely down and waiting for one minute. Repeat this step one more time then clear any debris from the brushes, turn the cleaner to "On" and continue cleaning.