The Brushes Don't Spin on the Bissell ProHeat 2X

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The Bissell Company is a vacuum and floor cleaning machine manufacturer. The Bissell ProHeat 2X is a heated formula deep cleaning machine. The machine heats cleaning solution and water, sprays it on the carpet and brushes it into the carpet. It then sucks up the dirty cleaning solution and water to leave a clean carpet. Fix your machines as soon as you notice that the brushes are not turning.


Lower the Machine Handle

If the brushes are not spinning, the problem could be because the machine is not in the operating position. The brushes will not spin unless you step on the handle release bar and lower the handle from a 90-degree angle, which prevents you from leaving the machine on and in one place while the brushes agitate and wear out one area of your carpet.

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Remove Hairs

Another reason the brushes might not be spinning is that they are clogged and stuck by hair that is wrapped around them. Prevent this by vacuuming the floors before using the ProHeat 2X and by removing hairs after every use. Remedy this by removing the bottom plate off of the machine to access the brushes. Clip the hairs off with scissors, but take care not to cut the belts or brush rolls.


Brush Belt Broken/Slipped

One common reason for the brushes not working is that the brush belt has slipped off the brushes, stretched out or snapped completely. Replace the belt by removing the soleplate that covers the bottom of the machine. Remove the clear end cap that covers the belts, and remove the black pivot arm that holds the belt in place. Replace the brush belt by wrapping one end of the new belt around the end of the brush and wrapping the other around the metal cog.

Broken Brushes

If the brushes break, you will have to install new ones. Follow the steps outlined to access the brushes. Remove the belt to pull out the broken brushes. Press the new brushes into the two sockets. Slide the belt over the brush bar and the metal cog, and replace the pivot arm, end cap and soleplate. Purchase replacement brushes from the Bissell Company.



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