How to Troubleshoot a Hoover WindTunnel

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The Hoover WindTunnel is an upright vacuum that comes with many model variations and differing features. There's the Whole House Rewind series, Complete Performance Advanced series, and Max Performance Pet series, among others. Hoover maintains its quality reputation with these models, with some WindTunnel models being mentioned by third-party reviewers as the best for performance in the price range. But if your Hoover WindTunnel has stopped working or isn't living up to its high standards, then you'll need to take a few troubleshooting measures to get it functioning at its best.


Hoover WindTunnel Won’t Run

You plugged the machine into the wall, and you're ready to vacuum so you can enjoy freshly cleaned carpets, only to be met with silence when you press the "on" lever with your foot. There are three Hoover troubleshooting tips if your vacuum won't run at all.


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First, check the most obvious possible problem and make sure the Hoover plug is securely in the wall outlet. A loose connection could prevent the vacuum from powering up. If this doesn't resolve the issue, investigate further by making sure the outlet hasn't blown a fuse or tripped the breaker.

Once these issues are ruled out, consider that the problem could be in the vacuum. If a Hoover gets too hot internally, the machine has a thermal protector that forces a shutdown. Allow your Hoover to cool down for at least 30 minutes before attempting to use it again.

Hoover Troubleshooting for Low Suction

A common solution to poor suction in vacuums is a good cleaning. If your WindTunnel has a rinsable filter, rinse it. Empty the dirt cup and wipe it clean. Look inside the hose attachment for any obstructions and clear them. Finally, check the rollers for debris or tightly wrapped hairs that could impede suction and clean them out.


A more serious problem that could cause low suction is a broken or worn belt. The belts are visible when you remove the vacuum's bottom plate. Hoover vacuum parts, like belts, can be replaced from the merchant site or third-party sellers.

What if the Hoover Is Difficult To Move?

Vacuuming is enough of a chore and shouldn't be an intense core and arm workout too. If you feel like you're pushing your Hoover WindTunnel through sand, try these quick troubleshooting solutions.


Make sure that your carpet setting is correct. It might seem insignificant, but if your Hoover is set to low carpet and you're suctioning high-pile carpet, you're going to feel the drag. To change the carpet setting, find the knob, located on the front center of the base in some models, push it down, and turn it to the appropriate setting. Keep moving the setting higher until you find that the Hoover is easy to push.


Alternatively, if your brush rolls are obstructed or not functioning, then your Hoover will be difficult to push. Hair and dust that have coiled into the brush rollers also put the machine at risk of overheating, producing a burning smell. Access the brush rollers with a Phillips screwdriver and remove the bottom plate. Clean hair, dust, and debris from the brush rollers. Replace the plate and continue vacuuming.



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