How to Change a Cannon Gun Safe Combination

Safes and gun safes made by Cannon, a Las Vegas-based manufacturer in business since 1965, feature programmable keypad locks, allowing you to customize the code and change it as often as necessary to protect your belongings. No matter which style keypad the safe has, the process to change the combination is the same.

Keypad Locks

Most Cannon gun safes feature keypad-style electronic locks. Resetting the combination requires opening the safe first with the existing combination.

Step 1

Open the safe door by entering the current six-digit combination. If the safe is new and you haven't programmed a code of your own, the combination from the factory is 1,2,3,4,5,6 on every keypad-based Cannon gun safe. Turn the safe handle counterclockwise to open the door.

Step 2

Turn the safe handle clockwise while the door is open to set it to a locked position. You should see the bolts or locking mechanism protruding, preventing you from closing the door.

Step 3

Press "0" on the keypad and hold it until the unit beeps twice. An LED light will illuminate and remain lighted throughout the programming procedure.

Step 4

Enter the current code again on the keypad. The unit will beep twice if it recognizes the code. If not, it emits one long beep and you must restart the entire process.

Step 5

Punch in a new six-digit combination on the keypad. The unit will beep twice.

Step 6

Enter the new six-digit combination again. The unit beeps twice to confirm the code.

Step 7

Enter the new combination one more time, with the safe door still open. The bolt or locking mechanism should move as if unlocking the door. Close the safe door and turn the handle clockwise to lock the door again, if desired.

What to Do if You Forgot the Combination

Cannon supplies a master reset code to safe dealers or local authorities if you have the safe's serial number and can prove ownership. Visit the dealer that sold you the safe or your local law enforcement agency and bring proof of purchase, along with the serial number. Cannon will release the master reset code to either the dealer or law enforcement representative within several days.

Mechanical Combination Locks

Gun safe models with old-fashioned mechanical combination locks are preset with a unique combination at the factory. These combinations are not meant to be changed by consumers. Cannon recommends contacting a local locksmith instead.