Raiding your bird feeders, and destroying your yard. Bears make us fear for the safety of our families and our or pets. Bears can be quite a nuisance from spring through fall so what is a person suppose to do to keep them at bay.

Step 1

First of all things you should do if you have a bear is acknowledge the level of danger that the bear in question poses. Is he directly placing you and your animals at risk. If so you need to immediately contact the Department of Fish and Game. They will then further instruct you on how to handle your unique situation. But if your bear is just a night time rover and he poses no immediate danger.

Step 2

STOP feeding the BEARS. This means take down your bird feeders. Don't put your garbage outside, and clean anything that may have food remains. Bears live to eat and if you supply the food he will continue to return for the free buffet.

Step 3

Take an old soda or plastic water bottle and poke several pencil thick holes around the top of the bottle. Fill with a cleaning product called Ammonia. You can find Ammonia at most all local retailers. Fill the bottle with ammonia up to the holes that you have punched. Fasten the bottles of ammonia around the area that you are trying to keep void of bears.

Step 4

You can also use old rags of fabric. Cut the fabric into large strips and tie them around post and trees. Then take your ammonia and saturate the old rag strips of cloth. The smell of Ammonia will help mask other odors. As well as work as a bear repellant.