How to Change the Combination on Kaba Combination Locks

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Kaba combination locks are push-button combination locks for doors. The combination locks are good for buildings or rooms that require restricted access. There may be situations when the combination on the lock needs to be changed to restrict access to one or more people that previously had access to the building or room. Kaba supplies a combination change tool that allows a user to change the combination when needed.

Step 1

Turn the knob on the bottom of the lock to the left to clear any numbers entered into the device.

Step 2

Enter the current combination into the lock, but do not turn the control knob. If this is the first time you are changing the combination, the factory-set combination is "2" and "4" pressed at the same time and released, and then press "3" and release.

Step 3

Remove the screw from the lock with the short end of the combination change tool. The screw is located above the "1" button near the top of the lock.

Step 4

Slide the long end of the combination change tool into the hole where the screw was located, and lift up on the tool until you feel a click.

Step 5

Turn the control knob to the left to clear the old combination from the lock.

Step 6

Enter the new combination by pressing the buttons until you feel a click. The new combination can use one button at a time or two buttons at the same time. Buttons can be used only once.

Step 7

Twist the knob to the right to set the new combination.

Step 8

Test the combination before reassembling the lock.

Step 9

Place the screw back in the hole using the combination change tool to complete the change of the combination on your Kaba lock.


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