How to Change the Combination on Kaba Combination Locks

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Dormakaba Group, formerly Kaba, makes Simplex push-button locks that require a combination to gain access to certain rooms or buildings. This security feature can help safeguard government buildings, corporate offices, and other rooms in public spaces where access should be restricted. It also helps business owners and building managers save time and money by eliminating the need for physical keys and keycards for entry. However, if an employee leaves the company or the combination is somehow leaked, it's important to change the combination on your Dormakaba lock as quickly as possible.


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Changing a Simplex 1000 Combination

First, hold the chamber by the screw tabs with the key-stems toward you. The control shaft will be toward the bottom of the chamber. Rotate it counterclockwise with pliers to clear the chamber.

You'll find five code gears inside five oblong windows. If any of these gears are in the open position, then these are not used in the combination. Instead, find the gears that are the furthest from the open position and press and release the key-stem associated with that gear. Then, press the next gear that looks furthest from the open position and release. Repeat this process until all gears are in the open position.


At this point, you'll press down on the lockout slide at the top of the chamber. Using your pliers, turn the control shaft counterclockwise. This will cause the lockout slide to pop back out. Finally, you can press the key-stems in the order you want your new combination. Turn the control shaft clockwise with your pliers once more to complete the new code input for your Simplex 1000.

Changing a Simplex 5000 Series Code

To change the combination on the Simplex 5000 series, start by removing the base plate by unscrewing two Phillips screws. Next, remove the combination assembly from the base plate by unscrewing the two Phillips screws. Finally, remove the dust cover to the chamber by unscrewing another set of two Phillips screws. You can now put down your screwdriver for a moment.


At the top of the chamber, you'll find the code change button. Press and release it. Turn the reset cam, located at the bottom of the chamber, toward the key-stems as far as it will go. Now, you may enter your new code by pressing each key-stem numeral one at a time. Push up the unlocking slide. If your code is successfully input, all the gears will fit perfectly with the L-shaped leg.

Once again, you'll turn the reset cam toward you. Pick up that screwdriver again and replace the Phillips screws in the dust cover, combination assembly, and base plate.


Contacting Dormakaba for Support

The door-code technology is very similar across the Dormakaba models. However, if you'd like to look up the manual for your specific model, you can find it at the Dormakaba website.

Dormakaba advises all customers of its door locks to only allow technically trained personnel to operate on the technology. For further support, contact the access control technical support team at 800-849-8324. They are available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST.


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