How to Change the Combination on a Master Lockbox

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Master Lock is among the top names in security and makes a wide range of both combination locks and key locks. Master Lock also manufactures a wide range of lock boxes and safes. For whatever reasons, there may come a time when you wish to re-set the combination for Master Lock lock box. To do this, you simply use the reset lever and enter a new combination.

Step 1

Open shutter door to access the combination dials and the release button. Rotate the dials to the current combination. If the lock box has never been used before, the combination is factory set at 0-0-0-0. Press down on the release button and pull the compartment door open.


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Step 2

Push the reset lever to the left and into the downward position. The lever will stay in this position until you've changed your combination.

Step 3

Rotate the combination dials to the combination you want to use.

Step 4

Push the reset lever up and back to the right, to its original position.

Step 5

Close the lock box's door and scramble your new combination.



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