How to Open an Alpha Lock Box

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Nu-Set Alpha lock boxes are a series of shackle-style and wall-mount security boxes used to protect and store keys or other items. Each Alpha lock box features three- or four-digit number, alpha or alphanumeric dial combination access. On shackle models, you open the shackle via a key or dial combination. Whatever Nu-Set Alpha lock box type or model that you have, opening the box simply requires that you know the correct preset factory or customized combination and on shackle models the shackle key or combination.


Step 1

Roll the dials on the front of your Alpha lock box until the numbers, letters or numbers and letters of the preset factory or customized combination align with the red arrows to the left and right of the dials. If your lock box has a rain jacket, flip the jacket down and then align the dials. Examples of preset factory combinations include "O-C-N" (lock box #2021), "A-A-A" (#2034) and "0-0-0" (#2041).


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Step 2

Slide the switch on the front of the box down. Press in on the bottom of the front face of the box and then lift the front away to open the box and reveal the interior. On some boxes, the area to press is marked with the word "Press" or the "Nu-Set" logo.

Step 3

Open the shackle on your Alpha lock box, if applicable. If your model has a key shackle lock, insert your key into the keyhole at the top right corner of the front of the box interior, turn it clockwise and then pull up on the shackle. If the model has a dial combination lock, lift up the combination cover on the top of the box, align the dials to the arrows using the shackle combination, push up on the red button located on the upper left side interior of the box and then pull up on the shackle.



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