How to Open a Brinks Fire Safe

A Brinks fire safe uses a dual-lock system consisting of a key and a numeric combination. To open the safe, you have to unlock the combination a specific way, then use the key.

Brinks fire safe with dual locking system

Step 1

Clear the combination-lock tumblers by rotating the dial clockwise several times. Set the dial to 0.

Step 2

Turn the dial clockwise fully four times, and stop on the first number for the combination lock on the fifth turn of the dial.

Step 3

Turn the dial counterclockwise fully two times, and stop on the second combination number at the third rotation.

Step 4

Turn the dial clockwise one time past the third combination number, and stop at the number the second time around.

Step 5

Turn the dial counterclockwise to the fourth combination number. Insert the key, and turn clockwise to unlock the safe.

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