How to Reset the Password on a Brink's Fire Safe

A Brinks fire safe can keep important documents safe, even in the event of a house fire. Like many other Brinks safes, the fire safes have an electronic keypad that's used for the safe combination. This combination should be reset periodically to ensure maximum security. All Brinks safes are designed to be user-friendly, so the process to reset a combination is a quick task that requires no special tools or hardware.


Step 1

Punch in the current combination and open the safe door.

Step 2

Press the small red button on the inside of the door. This button erases the current combination and allows you to set the new combination. The yellow LED at the top of the combination pad should light up.

Step 3

Punch in a new combination of your choice. The combination must be a sequence of three to eight numbers. For security reasons, you should try to use eight numbers.

Step 4

Press the "B" button on the combination pad to confirm your new combination. The yellow LED should light up to confirm the new combination is set.

Step 5

Test the new combination while the door is still open.