How to Reset the Password on a Brinks Fire Safe

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Fire safes keep your valuables intact in the event of a disaster. To open a Brinks fire safe, you need to use a key and code combination. If you need to change the password on a Brinks safe or security box, you can do so by consulting your owner's manual or calling the manufacturer, which is now Honeywell.


Resetting Your Fire Safe Password

All Honeywell (formerly Brinks) safes come with two preset codes. To reset your code, unlock the safe with the currently active code by entering it on the keypad. If you enter it correctly, the word "OPEN" will appear on the LCD panel. You'll then hear a chime indicating the safe is unlocked.


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Enter "*" followed by your chosen 4- to 8-digit code, then the "#" sign. If your password is a full 8 digits, you do not need to press the "#" key at the end. If you entered the code correctly, the word "IN" will appear in the LED display on your safe. You'll then hear a chime and see the new code on your LED display for one second. To reprogram the second factory preset combination, repeat the process.


After following these steps, your new code is ready to use. If you wish to change your fire safe's combination again, repeat the process with your current user combination. You can do this as many times as you like.

Retrieving Your Factory Preset Passwords

If you've lost your owner's manual, can't remember the factory set combination, or need a new safe key, you can retrieve your code by contacting Honeywell (formerly Brinks), at 1-877-354-5457. If you have a safe built before 2009, call First Alert Customer Assistance at 1-800-323-9005 and press "3" for help in troubleshooting any issues with your Brinks safe. Both companies keep safe combinations on file and will help access yours. You'll need to provide a model and serial number, both of which are on the right side of your safe. The safe key also has a 4-digit serial number etched onto its metal collar.


Honeywell (formerly Brinks) also requires the following information to locate your replacement combination:

  • A photo ID in the form of a driver's license, passport, or other official photo ID.
  • For international orders, proof of ownership in the form of a sales receipt, including the point of purchase, date of sale, and the product description.
  • Honeywell's "Product Ownership Verification" form. Fill out your name, shipping address, email address, phone number, and the best time to contact you. Include your safe's model number, serial number, and lock key number. If you're ordering replacement keys, please add the number of keys you require.
  • If you're purchasing a key, Honeywell charges $12 (USD) for the U.S. and Canada, $15 (AUD), and €11.00 (EU). For additional shipping charges, contact Honeywell. Honeywell accepts payments by phone or mail in the form of credit cards (Visa or Mastercard), check, or money order.


Accessing Password History on Safe

Honeywell (formerly Brinks) electronic safes can record up to 50 passwords. To retrieve your password history, enter one of your two user codes. If it is correct, the LED display will read "OPEN." Press "O" immediately to review your password history. To continue viewing previous passwords, continue pressing "0."


Opening Safes Without a Password

Each Honeywell (formerly Brinks) safe comes with an emergency key that overrides the combination and entry key. To use the emergency key, insert it and turn it to the left.




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