How to Change Codes in a GE Supra Lock Box

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Manufactured by GE Security, Supra lock boxes are well-known in the real estate industry. These lock boxes fit around doorknobs and hold the keys to the home. When a real estate agent wants to show the home, he can enter an access code into the lock box keypad to free the house keys. If you need to change the access code for your GE Supra lock box, the process is simple.


Step 1

Enter the current access code into the keypad on your GE Supra lock box. Open the lock on the lock box.

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Step 2

Open the lock box lid. Locate the "Clear" and "Open" buttons on the lid; press down on both buttons simultaneously while pulling the lid towards you.


Step 3

Remove the plastic card from the back of the lock box lid. Keep the card handy; you will need it to set the new access code for your lock box.

Step 4

Note the 10 gray numbered arrow buttons on the lock box lid. Rotate the lid in your hand so that the "1" button is in the top left hand corner.


Step 5

Use the screwdriver tip on the plastic card to turn any right-facing arrow buttons to point left; this resets the lock box access code.

Step 6

Use the screwdriver tipped plastic card to turn each of the numbered buttons used in the new access code so that the arrows point to the right. Select a code that is four to seven digits long. Note that each number that's used in the access code can be used only once.

Step 7

Put the plastic card back into the lock box lid; close the lid to complete the code changing process.

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