Instructions for a Hampton Bay Fan Remote

Home Depot sells their own brand of decorative ceiling fans under the Hampton Bay name. Some Hampton Bay fan models come with a convenient remote to turn on the fan and the light and to adjust speed. However, you will need to set up the remote to communicate with the ceiling fan using the same transmitter code combination. This feature works well if you have more than one Hampton Bay ceiling fan in the same room because you can set each remote to transmit on a different channel to the correct fan.

Match the remote code to the code combination on the fan.

Step 1

Pull the chain closet to the fan blades to set it to the highest speed setting, then pull the second chain near the bottom of the ceiling fan, closest to the lights, to turn the light on.

Step 2

Turn the remote over to the back and press firmly below the arrow on the battery cover and slide the cover off; install a 9-volt battery into the space for the battery.

Step 3

Set each slide code switch near the battery into a position of your choice, up or down, with up to 16 available combinations. Set the slide code switches in the receiver on the ceiling fan to the same exact positions set in the remote control.

Step 4

Turn the ceiling fan light on and off, and reset the ceiling fan speeds using the remote control to test the signal.

Step 5

Change the slide code switches into a new combination on both the remote control and the ceiling fan receiver if the transmission signal interferes with a garage door opener or security system.

Step 6

Replace the battery cover on the back of the remote control when finished.

Step 7

Use the high, medium and low keys on the remote to adjust the Hampton Bay fan speed, then use the light key to dim the light and the off key to turn off the fan.