Instructions for a Hampton Bay Fan Remote

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Home Depot sells their own brand of decorative ceiling fans under the Hampton Bay name. Some Hampton Bay fan models come with a convenient remote to turn on the fan and the light and to adjust the speed. However, you will need to set up the remote to communicate with the ceiling fan. Fortunately, this is a fairly simple process that should only need to be done once. Operating the fan is also accomplished in a straightforward manner.


General Use of Your Hampton Bay Fan

To use your ceiling fan, pull the chain closest to the fan blades to set it to the highest speed setting. To turn on the light, pull the second chain near the bottom of the ceiling fan, closest to the lights.

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Programming the Remote

In order for your remote to function properly, it needs to communicate with the fan itself via the same transmitter code combination. Setting the code is fairly straightforward. To begin, turn the remote over to the back and press firmly below the arrow on the battery cover. Slide the cover off and install a 9-volt battery into the compartment.


Set each slide code switch near the battery into a position of your choice. Switches can be up or down, with up to 16 available combinations. Set the slide code switches in the receiver on the ceiling fan to the same exact positions that you have set on the remote control.

Turn the ceiling fan light on and off and reset the ceiling fan speeds using the remote control to test the signal. If the fan doesn't respond to the remote control after you've set the slide code switches, double-check the slide code switch settings between the remote and the receiver to make sure they match exactly.


Change the slide code switches on both the remote control and the ceiling fan receiver if the transmission signal interferes with a garage door opener or security system. Replace the battery cover on the back of the remote control when finished.

Similarly, if you have more than one Hampton Bay ceiling fan in the same room, you will need to set each remote to transmit on a different channel so that it controls the correct fan.


Using the Remote

Use the high, medium and low buttons on the remote to adjust the Hampton Bay fan speed. You can use the light button to dim the light and the off button to turn off the fan.

If the remote stops functioning normally, change the batteries before proceeding with additional troubleshooting. If the batteries were not low, you may need to check the transmitter code switches on both the remote and the fan. It's possible that they were knocked out of position and are no longer matching up. If neither of these solves the issues you are having with the ceiling fan remote, you may need to contact the manufacturer for help or purchase a replacement remote.




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