How to Change the Code on a Door Lock

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With a keyless door, keys are a nonissue. You can change the code whenever you want.

Keyless-entry locks are convenient because you never have to worry about losing a key or locking yourself out. They are perfect for vacation homes that multiple families use, or rental properties or leases. Keyless-entry locks can't be picked like traditional locks because there are no keys. You can change the lock's combination whenever you want. It's possible to make it practically impossible for someone to guess the code on you keyless lock because you can choose to use up to six digits for your code.


Step 1

Use a Phillips screwdriver to unscrew the four red screws securing the front plate of your keyless door lock to the base. Remove the faceplate carefully, then turn it over so you are looking at the back of the faceplate.

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Step 2

Hold down the "C" button from the front of the faceplate the entire time you are changing the code on your keyless door lock.


Step 3

Use tweezers to lift out the lock tumblers from the corresponding numbers that you want to change. On the back of the faceplate you will see blue tumblers, which are noncode tumblers, and red tumblers, which are the tumblers that represent your lock code. Insert the red code tumblers that you want to form your new code while keeping the "C" button pressed in from the front of the faceplate. When the red tumblers are placed in the correct slots for your new code, release the "C" button.


Step 4

Screw the faceplate back onto the base using the four red screws and a Phillips screwdriver.

Step 5

Test your new door lock code.



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