Is a Ficus Tree Poisonous to Cats?

A cat's natural curiosity and attraction to greenery can sometimes get it into trouble. Many plants have a high level of toxicity to cats, causing serious problems. Eating a ficus plant can make your pet very ill.


One type of ficus tree is more commonly known as an Indian rubber plant. Other species include figs and weeping figs.


The poison in ficus trees can make a cat sick, but it is not known to be fatal. Contact with ficus plants can cause skin irritation or rash. Eating the leaves may irritate the cat's mouth and cause excessive drooling and vomiting. If your cat exhibits these or other symptoms, contact your veterinarian or local animal poison control center.


Cats tend to avoid strong smells. If commercial cat repellent does not deter the cat, sprinkling ginger, orange peels, pepper or mothballs near the ficus may deter him from chewing it.

Lee Weal

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