How to Refill a Butane Candle Lighter

A candle lighter eliminates the need for matches, but the best part about a candle lighter is that it can reach into deep candle holders. The long wand of a candle lighter is also the perfect tool to use to light a gas furnace or gas water heater, or light a fire in your fireplace. Many butane candle lighters can be refilled.

Step 1

Remove the decorative knob, if it has one, from the end of the handle.

Step 2

Use a small-headed screwdriver or a letter opener to push the refill valve. You will hear a brief release of hissing air. If you hear no hissing sound, that's okay; it just means there was no air in the tank.

Step 3

Shake the butane gas refill.

Step 4

Hold the lighter vertically with the valve/handle up.

Step 5

Press the stem of the butane filler onto the filling valve of the lighter. The pressure in the butane filler will force butane into the lighter. Allow the lighter to fill for five seconds.

You should hear no sound as the lighter's tank fills. If you do hear hissing, then stop and reposition the butane filler onto the valve of the lighter.

Step 6

Depress several times.

Step 7

Wait two minutes before testing the lighter.