How to Find Keys Lost in the Snow

Losing your keys in the snow can be a frustrating experience. The snow can make it incredibly difficult, if not nearly impossible, to find your keys, especially at night or when the snow is still falling. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to find keys lost in the snow, even if they are deeply buried.

Step 1

Map out the general area where you lost your keys in the snow, then search the area. Sometimes the keys are near the surface and can be quickly retrieved.

Step 2

Use the rake to search through the snow around the area where you lost your keys. Push the rake deeply into the snow. Your keys should get caught in the rake as you move it through the snow.

Step 3

Use the shovel to dig through the snow. As you work, pat down the piles of snow you dig up to see if you come across your keys.

Step 4

Use the metal detector. Sweep it slowly back and forth over the snow until it detects the metal keys.

Step 5

Melt the snow with the lighter or blowtorch. Be careful not to burn yourself or others around you.

Jay Darrington

Jay Darrington has been a professional writer since 2006, specializing in technology. He has published on several online blogs, including iTech24, iPhoneland and Tech101. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in communication technology from California State University.