Duraflame is an American fire-starter log manufacturer based in Stockton, California. The company has two manufacturing facilities, one in California and one in Kentucky, where more than 250 employees work. Use Duraflame logs as a fire starter in your fireplace. However, keep safety precautions in mind when using them as any product involved with building a fire can be dangerous. Keep a fire extinguisher nearby.

Duraflame logs are fire-starting logs.


Duraflame's official website states that you can use Duraflame logs in all zero-clearance manufactured metal fireplaces. They also can be used in fireplaces with open hearths. Do not use the logs in wood stoves or fireplace inserts. Also, use a fire screen around your fireplace when you burn Duraflame logs.

Log or Logs?

Use one Duraflame log at a time. If you use more than one, you can cause a fire to grow too large and smoke to build up. In addition, do not add real wood logs to your fireplace when you are burning a Duraflame log. A real wood log can cause the Duraflame log to disintegrate too quickly, causing an unmanageable fire and a smoke overload.

Pet Birds

Do not place your pet bird or its cage near a fireplace with a Duraflame log burning. The Duraflame website reports that birds are especially sensitive to smoke. Keep the logs out of reach of other pets and children as well.

Igniting the Log

Do not unwrap the Duraflame log when you are ready to ignite it. Instead, pull out on the seam of the wrapper and light the two arrows located on the seam. Wait five minutes. The log will ignite fully within this time. Do not poke the log or try to tend to it. Once the log is ignited, it does not need to be poked. It will stay aflame for about 4 hours.