How to Fix Blinds So That They Close Tightly

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Pop off the end caps of the blinds. You might have to use a flathead screwdriver.

Blind slats can come loose and slip out of their strings.

Window blinds allow you to control the lighting and the privacy level of your room with just a twist of your fingers. Unfortunately, some blinds become loose and don't close well, leaving you with too much light and exposure. Don't throw away those under-performing blinds. Whether your blinds are metal or plastic, if you have a few tools and some patience, you can repair your blinds and save some money.

Fixing Wooden Blinds

Step 1

Take the blinds carefully from the window. Lay the blinds on a flat surface such as a floor or table.

Step 2

Find the long metal rod located in the top of the blind. Push the end of the rod back into the mechanism housing. It should fit snugly and move the blinds up and down when turned.

Step 3

Replace the blinds on the window. Turn the blind rod, and close the blinds.

Fixing Metal Blinds

Step 1

Purchase a new tilter from the blind company that made your blinds. You can contact the customer service department to purchase a replacement. In addition, home improvement stores sell tilter replacements.

Step 2

Take the blind from the window, and lay it on a flat surface. Remove the end caps from the blind header. Unhook the tilt rod from the turning inner tilter. Find the tilter at the left or right end of the blind header.

Step 3

Remove the tilter by popping it out of place. Replace the tilter by pressing it in. Line up the inner rod by turning the tilter with your fingers until the tilter lines up with the rod.

Step 4

Replace the tilt rod, and place the end caps on the blind. Hang the blinds, and turn the tilt rod until the blinds are closed.


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