Vertical blinds are generally used for privacy and to block out sunlight for very large windows and sliding glass doors. This type of window covering consists of vertical slats that hang down from a head rail fastened above a window or glass door. Slats can be rotated to "open," allowing partial sunlight in, or "close," to completely block out light. Vertical blind clips that hold and help rotate the slats can break from use or age. Fortunately, these clips are inexpensive and anyone can easily complete the task of replacing them.


Contact the manufacturer of the vertical blinds to order replacement clips. Use the instruction manual that originally came with the vertical blinds to find the manufacturer's telephone number. Refer to the manual when customer service asks for the model of the blinds to insure a part match.

If the manufacturer of the vertical blinds is unknown, or the instruction manual is missing, look on all areas of the vertical blind frame for a tag or stamp with the company name and/or model number and search online for the manufacturer's website and contact information.

Open the blinds so that the slats are spread out from the stacked position. Ensure that slats are in the full open position by using the swivel tool.

Stand on a stool or stepladder next to the broken blind and remove the slat from the broken blind clip by lightly prying the clip open with your fingers. Gently slide the slat out and set it aside.

Grip the clip or stem with a pair of needle-nose pliers. Gently twist the clip and slightly pull on it until it pops off the gear.

Place a new clip into the grip of the pliers. Place your thumb and pointer finger around the gear to hold it in place. Position the new clip over the gear. Gently push the clip into place by applying a little pressure.

Gently push the slat into the clip. Ensure that the clip lip is positioned over the hold of the slat by wiggling it around and gently pushing the clip ends together.

Repeat the above steps for all broken vertical blind clips.