How to Straighten Bent Vinyl Vertical Blinds

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Straight vinyl vertical blinds are easier to adjust and close.

You can straighten bent vinyl vertical blinds to get them hanging straight and collapsing neatly again. The uniform curve of vinyl vertical blinds keeps each panel parallel to the next when they hang alone and causes them to nest together when they are pulled to the side. A single bent blind panel can effect the ability of vertical blinds to block out light and take up a small amount of space in storage. Reclaim control of a window by repairing a bent vinyl vertical blind.


Step 1

Remove any bent vinyl vertical blinds and four additional straight ones. Spread the clips holding the panels in place carefully to avoid breaking them.

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Step 2

Fill a bathtub three-quarters full of the hottest water you are able to get from the faucet. Cover your arms up to the elbows in thick rubber gloves to prevent scalding.


Step 3

Submerge the bent section of a single vertical blind into the tub of hot water and hold it under for two minutes.

Step 4

Remove the heated vinyl from the hot water bath and sandwich it in the middle of four straight vertical blind panels.

Step 5

Position spring-loaded clamps up and down the length of the vinyl stack to squeeze them together as the center panel cools.


Step 6

Remove the clamps and slide out the panel after 10 minutes of cooling. Repeat the heating, pressing and cooling process on each bent panel until they are all straight. Add more hot water to the tub to keep it as warm as possible.

Step 7

Dry all the vinyl panels with a soft cloth before reinstalling them. Open and close the blinds a few times to test them.

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