How to Replace Glass Pane on Larson Storm Doors

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Larson storm doors come in three configurations: Full-view, in which the glass spans the length of the door: Mid-view, which is composed of two equally sized glass panels in the door, and high view, which has one glass panel at the top of the door. Larson storm door glass is easily replaceable by following just a few simple steps.

How to Replace Glass Pane on Larson Storm Doors
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Removing Glass on a Full-View Storm Door

Move and lock the inside door latch so it points away from the glass. Loosen the two retainer strips holding the glass in the storm door before attempting to take the pane out. To do so, nudge a thin blade or a flathead screwdriver between the door frame and the retaining strip, gently pry it from the top of the glass and work your way in the opposite direction. Pull the glass out and place it aside.

Replacing Glass On A Full-View Storm Door

Place the new piece of glass in the door. Larson retainer strips have dash and arrow markings on them or read "insert this edge." To place strips around the glass, position the marked side of the strip toward the door frame, and slide it in the channel at the edge of the glass. Working from the top, use your fingers to push the marked edge of the strip into the channel and move down the length of the glass. You'll hear the strip "click," which indicates the glass is firmly in place. If the retaining strips are too hard to reinsert, spray glass cleaner into the channel to allow for smoother placement.

Removing And Replacing Glass On Mid- Or Top-View Storm Doors

Once again, move and lock the inside door latch so it points away from the glass. Retract both finger pulls on the glass insert you're removing. While retracting, pull the latch nose towards you through a similarly shaped notch in the frame. If there is no notch, pull the left side of the glass out of the track and rotate to remove. Or, bring the top of the glass down and turn it at the bottom to pop it out of the frame.

To install new glass on a mid-view door, retract the finger pulls of the bottom panel as you slide it into place before release. For the top window, insert the top corners into the track and lower the insert line up to the finger pull with the notch on the frame. Retract the finger pulls and push the insert through the notch. If there is no notch, keep the finger pulls retracted as you push the bottom of the pane gently into place.


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