How to Replace Slides for Traverse Rods for Drapes

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Traverse rods consist of a pulley system that allows you to draw and close your drapes or curtains with a simple pull of a string. The drapes or curtains hang on this type of curtain rod on slides, also known as carriers, comprised of small pieces of plastic. Over time, these plastic carriers age and become brittle and break, leaving you with a drooping curtain or drape. While you can purchase an entirely new traverse rod, you can also replace the traverse rod slides in order to repair your traverse rod.


Replacing Traverse Curtain Rod Slides

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Step 1: Remove the Drapes

Remove your drapes or curtains from the carriers leaving the hangers, or pins, on the curtains if possible. There is no need to remove the hangers, as you will soon be placing the curtains back onto the carriers.

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Step 2: Remove the Curtain Rod

Remove the traverse curtain rod from the mounting bracket. It might have a bolt or screw holding it in place that requires a screwdriver to remove. Traverse rods also typically have cams, which are small plates on the brackets, to hold the rods in place. You might need to turn the cam, either by hand or with a flat screwdriver, to release the rod.


Step 3: Find a Flat Workspace

Place the rod on a flat surface. If you're working with a large rod, it may be necessary to place the rod on the floor, where it can lay flat.

Step 4: Turn the Rod Over

Flip the rod over to expose the back of the rod, the carriers, and the end brackets.

Step 5: Move the Carriers

Slide the carriers that hold your window treatments to one end of the rod. If you have a single string traverse rod, slide the carriers to the side that has the string. If working with a double string traverse rod, slide the carriers on the left to the end next to the left string. Then slide the carriers on the right side to the far right next to the right string.


Step 6: Find the Lever

Locate a lever that can be depressed on the end of the rod where the pulleys are located. It's usually metal and simply depresses to allow the carriers to slide off the end of the rod. If there is no such device on your rod, look for a metal device that can be flipped up or down to allow the carriers to be removed.

Step 7: Replace the Traverse Rod Carriers

Slide the carriers off until the one that needs replacing is completely off the traverse rod. Slide a replacement carrier in its place and return the remaining carriers onto the rod by depressing the release or by flipping the release, allowing access to the carriers. Once the replacement carriers have been slid back onto the rod, be sure to flip the release back into position to prevent the carriers from slipping off, if necessary.


Step 8: Hang Up the Traverse Rod

Hang the rod back on the mounting brackets in the window. You might need to pivot, push, or rotate the rod until it clicks into place in the brackets. Replace the screws or bolts if your rod uses them to hold it into the brackets. Pull the string or strings to ensure the carriers are working properly.

Step 9: Hang Your Window Treatments

Reattach your drapes or curtains using the drapery pins or hangers. Stand back to make sure the window treatments hang correctly and the traverse rod looks level. Open and close the drapes to ensure the traverse rod carriers move smoothly. Make any adjustments as necessary.



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