The proper method for opening window blinds can vary depending upon the style of the blinds. There are vertical blinds and "venetian" blinds, with horizontal slats. The method also depends on how much light you'd like to allow into the room.


Bring a step stool over to the blinds if the blinds are in a high window or if you're short.

Twist the wand on the side of the blinds. This will allow you to open the blinds by adjusting the position of the slats.

Locate a string on the side of the blinds and pull it down toward the floor until the blinds are open to the spot where you'd like them. Some blinds have a loop of string instead; pull the front portion of the loop toward the floor to open the blinds. For vertical blinds, push the blind slats to the side of the window using the wand.

Pull the string to the side (away from the window) to lock the horizontal blinds in place. If you let go of the string before pulling it to the side, the blinds will fall closed.

Secure the string (used to open the blinds) on the accompanying wall hook to prevent strangulation incidents involving children and pets.